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Game Publisher EA Ends Bid for Take-Two
It looks like US video game publisher EA has ended their bid for Take-Two Interactive - the makers of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series.
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Video Games Help Fight Obesity
Games involving physical movement help fight obesity. In other news, any physical movement helps fight obesity.
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Nintendo's E3 Press Conference
Nintendo puts the fun back into gaming at their E3 Press Conference in California.
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Full Song Download From Mercenaries 2 Commercial
Love it or hate it, here's the full song from the Mercenaries 2 Commercial. You can even download it in MP3 format.
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Video Games Blamed in Firey Motorcycle Crash
Video games are the red-headed step child of the 21st century - just blame everything on them. While we're at it, video games are probably responsible for high gas prices and a bad economy.
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Best Selling Video Games of 2008
Here are the best selling video games of 2008 so far. It's no surprise that Grand Theft Auto IV tops the list. And No, 'IV' means 'four' - NOT 'Immense Violence' as you might assume (although that works just as well).
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Best Buy Canada to Sell Used Games
Best Buy sees dollar signs in the used video game market. The good news: One more place to buy and sell used games. That is, if you live in Canada, eh?
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Coffee-Table Computer that Flirts, Plays Games
Flirt with other nerds as you order a drink, play video games, and lose at keno. The offspring of gambling, drinking, and a cold, miserable night at Microsoft Headquarters.
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Play-along video games go online, Amp music industry
Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are providing new cash to the music industry, in part by offering downloads of additional tracks and music for the games.
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In-Game Ads Will Ruin the Video Game Industry
It's an ugly trend that nobody wants - not counting the money grubbers, of course. They should give gamers a slice of that $971 million dollar pie since we're the ones paying for the games and we'll still end up with advertising shoved down our throats.
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Grand Theft Auto: DUI
Here's a funny little video about the new drunk driving 'ability' in the new Grand Theft Auto IV.
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Barack Obama vs. Video Games
The next US President (yes he will be, unfortunately) thinks video games are a national disease that needs to be cured. Of course, he probably also thinks they're part of the 'series of tubes' that makes up the internet.
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Guitar Hero 4 - Adding More Buttons?
There are rumors floating around that Guitar Hero 4 might be adding more buttons at the base of the guitar. Add as many buttons as you like guys, it still won't be a real guitar.
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Children Say That Video Games Cause Violence
Video games don't cause violence, they do cause violence, right is up, short is left, and down is wrong. Just forget the words and sing along cuz everything you know is wrong.
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Review of New WiiWare Games for Download
Here's a quick review of the first six WiiWare games released for download on your Nintendo Wii. Looks like there are some fun games that will appeal to a wide variety of people.
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Granny Likes Playing Nintendo Wii
It's great that the Nintendo Wii has opened up video games to a whole new league of gamers. Maybe granny will quit giving us socks for Christmas and start buying us video games instead.
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Playing the Blame Game
Blame video games for everything! Don't these parents have anything better to do... You know, maybe try some parenting or something? Nah, it's always easier to blame someone else for your own shortcomings.
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72% of US Population Plays Video Games
Almost three-fourths of Americans say they play video games, which is an all-time high. But the numbers might be skewed. Even if they aren't, who cares so long as you aren't caught playing at work.
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New MLB Games Make Baseball Difficult
MLB08 The Show and MLB 2K8 are two of the newest baseball games to seriously complicate the sport and make it extremely difficult to play. I guess they didn't have time to include virtual steroids in the games.
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Video Games Linked to Wreckless Driving
Apparently car racing games have been linked to increased risk-taking behavior when driving (at least in Canada, anyway).
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sets Nintendo Sales Record
Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a popular cartoon fighting game for the Nintendo Wii, sold 1.4 million copies in the US in one week.
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Ubisoft Buys Tom Clancy's Name
It looks like Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell will live on as Ubisoft just announced they've purchased full rights to Tom Clancy's soul. Err... his name anyway.
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Unavoidable Ads in xBox 360 and Windows PC Games
Looks like there is a new trend in games based on Microsoft platforms... in-game advertising that you cannot avoid. Gee thanks, it's exactly what I never wanted.
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Design Your Own xBox 360 Theme and Win Cool Stuff
Nice contest with some big prizes to design your own xBox 360 theme. Check it out.
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Banned 'Sadistic' Game Now OK For Adults
Manhunt 2 by Rockstar Games was apparently too 'sadistic and brutal' that baby seals died everytime someone played it. But now everything is ok again.
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Nintento Wii Still Holds Lead for US Video Game Consoles
The Nintendo Wii continues to dominate. This is no surprise to anyone who can breathe. What may surprise you is the PlayStation 3 beat xBox 360 in console sales.
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Video Games are Spawning Rocker Wannabes
Sure, blame video games for everything. As a side note, Guitar Hero and similar games may actually help non-musicians learn rhythm.
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Bully: Scholarship Edition Released - Urks Teachers
The new Rockstar video game - Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Wii and xBox 360 apparently doesn't sit well with teachers. The more fuss they cause, the more copies this game will sell.
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Create xBox 360 Games & Share Them Online
Microsoft announced they will soon let xBox Live users play, rate, and share community created games.
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Video Games Aren't a Waste of Time
So it IS true. You can now reference this article whenever someone discourages playing video games.
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Men Like Games More Than Women
It turns out that when men play games, a part of the brain involved in feelings of reward and addiction becomes much more activated than it does in women.
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Top Online Casinos for February
A little different article, here's a review of the top three Online Casinos and why they're ranked the best.
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Activision Trademarks 'DJ Hero'
Seems you can trademark or patent anything these days. Will be interesting to see if this holds up.
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Video Game Console Sales Down
But Video Game sales are up and in either case, the Nintendo Wii is still in the lead. (durr...)
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Australia Bans New Video Game
Apparently dismemberments and decapitations in the new Dark Sector video game are too violent for our friends Down Under.
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Video Game Console Wars, One Year Later
Good statistical breakdown for the Wii, xBox 360, and Playstation 3 video game consoles. Mii would like to play.
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Lawmakers Attack Video Game Ratings
It looks like Manhunt 2 has enraged a squabble of lawmakers again, and now they're quacking. You're telling me Hillary Clinton doesn't have better things to do? I guess not...
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Sell Your Music - Through Video Games
Interesting article about Guitar Hero and how there may be a connection between the game and increased sales of the music included in the game. Also mentions suing people for maximum song revenue.
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New Simpson's Game Spoofs Gaming Industry
The new Simpson's game stays true to the original wit and humor of the series while poking fun of the video game industry.
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Goozex Game Trading on Facebook
Article about a new plugin on Facebook that allows you to trade in old video games towards the purchase of other member's games.
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Halo 3 Is Selling Like Hotcakes
People are lining up all over the country for a copy of Halo 3. And so far it appears to be living up to the hype.
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Video Games Used to Fight Superbugs
Healthcare professionals are using video game based training to aid in the fight against "superbugs".
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Using Video Game Technology to Find Oil & Gas
Interesting article about using video game technology to find oil reserves.
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Is Halo 3 the Star Wars for the Video Game Generation?
Article that compares the hot new Halo 3 game with Star Wars.
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Pics and Review of MySims for Nintendo Wii
Are game publishers creating enough new Nintendo Wii games to meet the demand? This article looks at one publisher and their upcoming game for the Wii: MySims
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EA CEO tells TV industry: ‘You’re just as violent as games’
EA CEO Riccitiello defends the video game industry and says games are 'unfairly demonized' in the press.
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New Games at!
We have added over two dozen new games to and will be adding many more over the coming weeks.
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Top Ten Upcoming Movies Based on Video Games
Here's a list of the top ten upcoming movies that are based on video games. It includes The Sims, Area 51, Metroid, World of Warcraft, Halo, and more.
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Video Game Reviews: BioShock, Blue Dragon, and Trauma Centre
Quick and dirty game reviews on BioShock, Blue Dragon, and Trauma Centre.
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Video Games Live: Greatest Hits
Video Games Live has put out a studio recording of music from classic games including Zelda, Mario, Halo, Warcraft, Sonic, Myst, Civilization IV, Final Fantasy, and Tron.
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Taipei Times Reviews Several Video Games
Here is a review of several video games for x-box 360, Playstation 3, PC, and Nintendo DS. Games reviewed include Sim City DS, Civilization IV, Madden 08, and All-Pro Football 2K8.
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A Quarter of Employees Play Games at Work
A new poll shows that almost a quarter of white collar employees play games while at work.
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